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2005 World Series Game 4

Welcome to my site.  I am mainly concerned with completing my sets and my Astros collection.  I've also started a Nolan Ryan Topps collection.  I'll also accept some other Ryan's for trade.  If you can’t hit those lists, I’ll take a look at your Bagwell’s.  Completing my Bagwell collection has gotten exhausting and expensive.  For those reasons, it has been put on the backburner.   My want-list for my earlier Bagwell’s has even gotten deleted somehow. If you want to trade me some of these, you’ll need to let me have a look at what you have so that I can compare it to my paper-based list.  If you don’t have any of this, don’t panic, we still may be able to make a deal.  I am always interested in rookies or autographs.

Let these links help you find your way.  Also use "cntrl + f" to search each individual page.

My Needs:

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Other Wants

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Trading Rules         

Good/Bad Traders


Trading Rules

Here are a few rules that I use while trading:


1.  I want only near mint cards a worst.  I have tossed out thousands of cards from my own collection due to their condition.  Whatever I have listed for trade is near mint at worst unless otherwise noted.  That being said I do understand if a card or two slips by at a worse condition than advertised.  It happens to everyone.  If you are interested in cards at less than NM, I may have more for you.  Just let me know.  The last thing that I will say about this is that I do not expect every card that I receive to be Gem mint and you should not either.  I once traded with a guy rejected cards for surface imperfections.  If you trade this way, you may want to trade with someone else.  I am not going to analyze every card with a magnifying glass.


2.  I am not overly concerned with the use of book value in trades.  If I am trading set fillers for set fillers I usually trade card for card.  This tends to make everyone happy with a deal.  Obviously if higher valued cards, such as inserts, rookies, GU, or auto’s are involved, the use of book value may be necessary.  If you are a stickler for the use of book value, please let me know before we start a deal.  Also, please do not offer me a bunch of set filling commons for a $10-15 card.  You may inquire, but realize that I may want 3-4 times BV in return if I agree.


3.  I negotiate trades using my inventory lists.  I usually complete my trades without laying a finger on a card.  Sometimes these lists may include a card or two that has slipped by and I no longer have or I may notice that its condition is not worthy of a trade.  Please understand when this happens.  I will make up for it when possible.


4.  I send cards when I can.  I cannot go to the post office every day.  I make no promises on when the cards will get out except that I can tell you that it will be as soon as possible.


5.  I have learned that some of today’s postal employees, not unlike many other people, no longer value their work as most used to.  Therefore, I advise you to “over-package” your cards when sending them.  I have lost many good cards because of this.  I have been told by a postal employee that the words “fragile” or “handle with care” marked on a package means nothing.  It will still be handled the same as any other piece of mail, which may include drops of eight feet or more from conveyer driven sorting machines.


Sorry for the long read, but I want to lay it all out there so we’re all on the same page.  Thank you and I look forward to your offer.

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The Good, the bad, and the ugly

Good Traders -

2000 Doubles - The Bench.

Chuck Abraham - The Bench (roxy), Bagwell collector.

Chip Adams - Beckett (pantherpack).  x2

Harold Adcox - Trading Bases, sets.

Brian Alejandro - The Bench (illremesaya), Bowman Chrome draft picks.

Wayne Alger - The Bench (T-206), Beckett (waynetalger), Nolan Ryan, very easy to trade with.  x2

Gary Applegate - The Bench, collects sets, including Post issues. x3

Quinton Arledge - The Bench (K.C._Royals!).

Greg Armentrout - TB, set builder.

Cory Atkins - Beckett (once78), Cardinals.

Ray August - Beckett (ktcardshop).  x2

Anthony Ayers - SCFun.

Robert Ayzin - The Bench (robert326), Shawn Green.

James Bailey - The Bench (jbtraderjim), Topps golds.

David Bakanas - Beckett (david bakanas).  x2

Phillip Baker - SCFun, sent me many cards for my sets.  I owe you one.

Jeramie Bakken - Beckett (limitedbaseballcards), RC's, cards were ok, second & third rounds were good.  x2

Robert Barczak - SCFun, easy trade and mint card.

Matt Ballas - The Bench (ballas187).

Kevin Batke - SCFun.

Bill Beazley - Beckett (bbniner80).

Melissa Beck-Cox - The Bench (Brettfan).

Paul Beede - The Bench (enjoyale).

Sam Bell - The Bench (baseball24).

Robert Bentley - The Bench (vctbob).

Joe Biggs - SCFun, Topps inserts.

Thomas Biggs - Trading Bases, set builder, very helpful and easy to trade with. x3

Joe Bingaman - The Bench (joebing), Tigers.

Richard Blackmon - Trading Bases.  Sent me about 60 cards out of the blue. And now 100+ more.  I owe you one. x4

Brett Blair - SCForum/The Bench (bblair_2002), Ike Davis.  x3

Robert Blais - Beckett (blais2).

Brian Blankenburg - Beckett (bamyanks), Yankees.

Jeff Bode - Beckett (jmbode).

Mike Bodner - The Bench (GMRSON).

Gary Bodtman - Beckett (leadmetogreatness), great cards.

Marvin Boos - SCFun.

Chuck Bosshardt - Trading Bases, sets.

Jim Boushley - The Bench (cubman1941), collects Cubs and Brewers, sent several extras.

Robert Boyker - The Bench (VintageHeros).

Tony Braswell - Trading Bases, sets.  Sends great cards.

Mitchell Broadway - Beckett (gtechjackts), Chipper Jones.

Mike Broderick - The Bench (mike1943golf), Garciapara and Ortiz collector.

Bob Brown - Member of Vintage card traders.

Rick Brown - The Bench (Nomar10).

Ron Brown - Trading Bases, collects Yankees and Pirates, likes odd/high end issues. x8

Paul Browning - Trading Bases, sets.  x2

Jeff Bryant - The Bench (Jeb67).  x2

M.R. Bunch - - Big Greg Maddux collector.

Robert Burton - SCFun, sent a Blyleven RC as an extra card!

Brian Burton - SCForum.

John Campbell - The Bench (teammaddux), Maddux, offered help finding more, not much gratitude.

Stanley Campbell - The Bench (scc76).

David Campos - Beckett (david campos), excellent cards.

Raven Carlin - Beckett (jakelovescards).

Melody Carter - Beckett (Melody Carter)

Benji Cashdollar - SCForum (CashMoney655), Cardinals.

Rick Chessman - Beckett (roguechessman), Mariners.  x3

Curtis Christlieb - The Bench (sinocc), Topps golds.

Ian Clark - The Bench (wreckingballsc), Giants.

Louis Close - SCFun, set collector, easy to trade with. x4

Anthony Coker - Trading Bases, sets. x5

Steve Collignon - Beckett (scollignon).  x2

Chris Copeskey - The Bench (Copeskey45).

Anthony Cosumano - SCFun (yankeeman07), Yankees.  x2

Christopher Cox - Beckett (christophercox20), Trout.

Ora Cropley - Trading Bases, Beckett (orainpa), sent set help, I owe you one.  x2

Joe Dalton - Trading Bases, great cards, easy to work with.

Russell Daniel - Trading Bases, great cards, fellow Texan.

Jennifer Daniels/Shook - SCFun, Topps and Topps Chrome.

Jacob Darby - Beckett (jdarbs44).

Joshua Davidson - SCFun, Red Sox GU collector.

kdeckard - The Bench.

Kevin Deckard - The Bench (keedecka), set builder, packages great.

Robert DeGroat - The Bench (bocce420).

David Dehaba - Beckett (nutshell278).

Michael Delmore - The Bench (redsoxfan1979), cards were ok, good the 2nd time, a little impatient.  x3

Robert Demillo - Beckett (ne12bc12), Pedroia.

Steven Devers - Beckett (spdevers76), Nomar.

Jeff Dice - The Bench (toppsbaseballpi), Astros GU and auto collector. x6

Tim DiCaprio - The Bench (toppscollector).

Chris D'Orso - The Bench (seawolf17).

Victor Dominguez - Beckett (bklynzinfamouz).

Jack Downs - TB.

John Downs - The Bench (jgdowns), insert collector, extremely easy to deal with. x2

Chris Drosner - TB.

Mary Drysdale - Trading Bases, nice trader.

Jack Dwortetzky - TB, sends nice cards, has many more that I can use. x6

Mike Eades - SCFun, Tigers.

David Earp - SCFun, Topps inserts.

Andrew Eidson - The Bench (katester44), Puckett. x2

Dan Estes - The Bench (dan5).

Brian Fanelli - Beckett (brian2345).

Charles Farruggia - Beckett (chuckfe248), Hosmer.

Brett Feldman - The Bench (brett14), Twins.  x2

Matt Fieser- The Bench, fellow Jeff Bagwell collector.  Also collects John Olerud and other Mariners. x4

Jerry Fleck - SCForum.

Freemont Fong - SCFun, set collector, sent great Ryan's. x2

Bob Franklin - SCForum, Braves.

Jeremy Frazier - Beckett (dontpray), Bagwell and Ripken.

Kevin Furuzawa - Beckett (kevcalif), Nolan Ryan.

Aaron Gaines - SCForum (AaronG).

Scott Galuska - Beckett (sgaluska).

David Garcia - SCForum (valley boy).

Stu Gash - The Bench, many trades.

Jacob Gilbert - SCForum (hobbyfan).  Great guy, even sent me a Christmas card.

Mark Gilmore - TB. x2

Mike Gionfiddo - Beckett (domatt23).

Mike Giralico - Beckett (shiverlycore).

Dave Goins - The Bench (baseballdave17).

Art Goldberg - Beckett (kaisersouze).

Harry Gomes - SCFun. x2

Bob Good - Beckett (bghoosier).  x2

Jim Goodreid - Trading Bases.

Vern Gorman - - Collects Frank Thomas, Carlton Fisk, and build sets.

Bill Gormley - took a while, but well worth the wait.

Chris Gould - Beckett (homerjg007).

Matthew Grace - Beckett (mgbenz04).

Ron Graham - The Bench (rrgohio).

Chris Green - SCFun (chris436).

Kevin Green - The Bench (19kgreen64), Red Sox.

Robert Green - SCFun.

Jeff Greene - TB, helped with a set, asking for nothing in return.

Danny Gregory - Beckett (25joker).

Dan Grobelny - The Bench (dankir96), Topps inserts. x2

Milo Grummons - High end Brewer collector.

Jeff Grzibowski - set builder of baseball, basketball and football, great trader, even looked for my errors.  I owe you one.  x2

Greg Guertin - the Bench (forallsports), Topps manufactured patches.

Mike Hall - TB.

William Hanlon - SCForum.

Chris Hansen - SCForum (underdog).  Builds sets.  Sends amazing cards.

Mike Harrington - [email protected] - Builds sets and Collects Rookies.

William Hartwick II - Beckett (mrbill3).

Mike Hathcock - Beckett (northflacards).

Ron Hauch - The Bench (RHauch).  x3

Patrick Hefel - Beckett (patrickhef30), Griffey.

Leon Hiatt - Beckett (blackbeard1967).

Brandon Hicks - (wickercat) Beckett.  Not very flexible and won't help you out, what he needs and nothing extra.

Allen Hill - Beckett (allench).  x4

Jason Hiser - Beckett (Mikarlo), even sent extra cards.

Pat Hlafcsak - The Bench (zimmy11), set collector.

Ron Hoehne - SCFun.

John Holcomb - Beckett (jdhhorns), fellow Texan, great trader.  x2

Jim Holman - The Bench (johnny 5), Tigers.

Joseph Hoskins - SCFun, first cards weren't great, but he was understanding and made up for it.  Thanks.

Scott Howland - SCFun,  set collector.

Brad Hudson - The Bench (thebradau), great cards.

Ben Hughes - Beckett (benner73), Bagwell.  x3

Dan Hughes = Beckett (drhsports).

Elbert Hughes - SCForum (Hawaiian Bam Bam), Dodgers, easy to trade with.

Jeff Hughey - Beckett (ringers1993), Tigers.

Robert Huntington - The Bench (greatdadx2), set collector.

David Jackson - Trading Bases, two good trades with him, likes inserts for rare cards.

Mark Jackson - The Bench (SCTrojan), Dodgers, easy to trade with.

Michael Januzzi - Beckett (mjanooz).

Dale Johnson Jr. - Helped with set needs.

Butch Joslin - Beckett (bjredsox).  x2

Adam Karas - Beckett (adamandrewkaras), McGwire.

Ryan Katsuyama - Beckett (rkatsuyama), Pujols.  x3

Mike Kelemen - TB. x6

Dave Keller - SCFun.

Ben Kelly - The Bench (bkelly9874)

Paul Kelly Jr. - Beckett (paulkellyjr).  x2

Doug Kennedy - SCFun (dougkennedy18), Topps inserts.

Steve Kessler - Beckett (kesscards).

Mike Kestner - The Bench (metsman1986), nice easy trade.  x2

Tom Kimmel - SCFun.  x5

David Kimura - The Bench (David K.), Twins collector, especially Mauer and Morneau, very helpful. x2

Aric Kirk - SCFun, set collector.

Gary Kirk - TB, a couple of nice, easy trades gets him moved up here.  x5

David Kishi - The Bench (CubsFan1313), Chrome insert collector. x6

Jon Klatt - SCFun, set collector.  x2

Dennis Kleintop - The Bench (Kleidk), A-rod collector.

Geoff Klinger - Beckett (

Carl Kogut - TB.

Greg Konkoff - Trading Bases, sets.

Dan Krapf - The Bench (3greyhounds). x2

David Kurmin - Beckett (youngdave2).  x2

Rich Kusmirek - The Bench (jaxbraves), Longoria/chrome insert collector.

Adam Kuzmin - Beckett (akuz19).

Dennis Lackey - The Bench (dlackey), Patch and other inserts.  x5

Mychael Lagbas - The Bench (matsuicollector), Yankees.

Andrew Jaggers - SCFun ([email protected]) dropped two trades on me, but completed one.

Jeff Lamb - SCFun, set builder, very easy to trade with, became a little impatient on a subsequent trade.  x2

John David Lambert - Beckett (jdlambert), Ozzie Smith.  x2

Bob LaMorte - The Bench (Bobby813), Jeter.  x2

Elina Lampart - The Bench, set collector

Jayson Larner - Beckett (bigjay2100), Tigers.

Tim Latonis - The Bench, Jeter.  Several good trades.

Mike Leamy - SCForum (aceofclubs), Cardinals collector. x2

Darryl Lee - SCFun.

Tim Legg - The Bench (vertigo91), set collector.

John Lenhart - SCFun (bullrat).

Jeff Levitsky - The Bench (JLevitsky), Red Sox GU collector. Ronald Lewis - SCFun, set collector.

Jeff Lightner - SCFun, Michael Pineda.

Craig Lindsey - [email protected] -  Collects Astros cards.

Josh Lipford - The Bench (jdthakid36), Nolan Ryan collector. x4

Art Lipke = Beckett (awlipke).

Donnie Locke - Beckett (donnielocke25).

Pat Looney - SCFun

Dan Lucia - TB.

Leon Lutz - The Bench.

Charlie Lyman - Beckett (mets197), Mets.  x2

Kevin Maese - Beckett (kmaese24), Bonds.

Mike Mahoney - Beckett (mmahoney).  x3

Scott Majeske - Beckett (griffindurlin), sets.  x2

Eddie Malkowski - The Bench (Yankees1), nice card, but not the nicest trade.

John Malusis - Trading Bases.  Great trader. x3

Nick Manca - Beckett (hittinaway), Griffey, Jr.  x2

Mark Mann - The Bench (michiganfan9).

Jason Martin - Beckett (Jasonpg).

Michael Marro - Beckett (bonemarro), Mattingly.

Kevin Martens - Leader of TB, set builder, many good trades. x3

Rob Matlack - The Bench (Spiff), Rangers.

Ross Maute - Beckett (rossmaute).  x3

June Maxwell - [email protected]

Jared May - Beckett (convoluted77).

Mike Mayer - Beckett (mmayer51).  x2

William McCaleb - Trading Bases, sets.

Jay McCarthy - Trading Bases.

Larry McGowan - Beckett (lmcgown).  x4

Michelle McDaniel - TB, insert set collector. x5

Dave McDonald - - Builds sets. x3

Larry McGowan - Beckett (lmcgown) one bad card, mostly good with extras.

Brent McKinnon - The Bench (pac_rat_76).

Michael Mehler - Beckett (mmehler30).

Moises Mendoza - Trading Bases, set builder.

Johnathan Menga - The Bench (NYYJMM), Topps inserts, needs a little patience.

Luke Menges - Trading Bases, set builder, very easy to work with. x2

Colin Mercer - Trading Bases, sent birthday wishes.

John Metzger - Set builder.

Justin Meyers - Beckett (DrJuddRX1625), packaging not the best, but a decent trade.

CJ Michaleski - The Bench (bravesfan2010), one good and one bad card.

Amy Michalski - Beckett (amich14).

Andrew Miller - The Bench (rangersfan1982), maybe the easiest trade I've ever made.

Stan Miller - Trading Bases, sets. x2

David Mills - SCFun, insert sets.

Daniel Milstid - Beckett (drmilstid).

Guy Mitchell - Vintage card traders, sends pristine cards.  Collects Emmitt Smith and ticket stubs.

Maurice Mitchell - SCFun, set builder.

Jason Molek - The Bench (JokerJason).

Michael Molek - TB, set builder and Indian collector. x3.5

Alan Moll - The Bench, two good trades with him, Detroit Tigers and Pistons.

Paul Moore - Beckett (wambie), Tigers.

Rob Murphy - SCForum (Trader2000), Jay Buhner and Joey Votto.

Donny Muth - Very helpful and easy to trade with, set builder.

Richard Naecker - Beckett (bronzedesk30).

Mike Napoleon - Mets.  x8

James Naron - SCForum (samoan3d).

Donald Nelson - SCFun, sets.

Jim Nelson - The Bench (mrhaverkamp).

Vernon Newlands - Trading Bases, set builder from the land down under.

Mark Nickerson - TB, builds sets and collectors several players. x8

Kenneth Nichols - The Bench (montserratplay), tiger and set collector.Mike Napoleon - The Bench (bonzomoretti), collects Mets.

Kyle Nordmeyer - The Bench (nordy22), gets a case of Topps.

Dustin Norton - Beckett (dustin12368), Nolan Ryan.

Derek Nyquist - The Bench (89Giants), Collects Giants.

Loren O'Dell - - Collects Jeter and builds sets.

Clement O'Malley - SCFun.

Joe Olson - SCFun, hard to get a hold of, but easy to trade with after you do.

Bill Organ - The Bench (hatesgoats), Turkey Red insert collector, very easy to trade with. x2

Ryan Paquin - Beckett (rmpaq5), very generous Canadian.

Steve Parr - Trading Bases.  x2

Nick Pecucci - The Bench (Hoyt55), Topps Golds.  x4

John Pennylegion - Nice cards, very easy to trade with, look forward to another.

Gene Penrod - The Bench (gp2001red), Topps inserts.

George Perlinger - Beckett (temple sportscards).

Dewayne Perry - Trading Bases.  Sends birthday wishes.

J. C. Phillips - SCForum (boophill).

Peter Pianelli - TB.

Dan Piehl - Beckett (bballkm32), Sandberg.

Joseph Pishkur - Beckett (ozzieguillen13), Frank Thomas.

Roderick T. Pitts - Beckett(papapitts).

Samuel Portnoy - SCFun, set collector. x3

Mike Powell - Beckett (matrix99).

Chris Pratt - Beckett (saturatedpratt).

J. Zachary Prenatt - Beckett (crackplatypus).

David Price - The Bench (dp33), Inserts. x6

Kenneth Price - SCFun.

Randall Prior - Beckett (randall44).

Giuseppe Profeta - Beckett (snappyjoe75).

Trevor Prout - SCFun (red_sox_prospector), set collector, easy to trade with. x4

Glenn Publicover - TB, collects Topps sets, easy to trade with.

Henry Radke - The Bench (DaSoxFan), collects White Sox, including inserts, sends nice cards.

Eric Rahmanian - Beckett (rawonion), Bowman Chrome.

Chris Rainey - SCFun.

Chuck Rapsilver - Trading Bases, set builder and fellow Texan.

Chris Raynor - Beckett (cdraynman).

Dave Redding - Trading Bases, very easy to work with.

Larry J. Ribes - Beckett (dena17).

H T Richardson - The Bench (sandman43103).  x2

Jason Richardson - Beckett (jason32rich), Kevin Brown.

Jerry Robertson - Trading Bases.  Set builder and a great trader.  x5

Johnny Robinson - Beckett (hiflew), Rockies.

Scott Robinson - The Bench (scottzoe), Red Sox.  x2

Alex Rodriguez - Beckett (arod770710) ok cards.

Art Rodriguez - Beckett (arod711), Nolan Ryan. 

Nick Rooney - Beckett (roondog229), Puckett

Aaron Ross - The Bench (Xpress04).

Joe Rua - SCFun.

Aaron Rubin - The Bench (stlshoeman), Cardinals.  x3

John Russell III - Beckett (gipper2k), great cards.

Rick Saltsman - Beckett (7whodey).

Charles Savoie - Beckett (gimmegriffey), Griffey Jr.

Ray Schneider - Trading Bases.  Cardinal collector. x4

Andy Schon - Beckett (andyofandyland).

Brian Schrand - SCFun, collects error cards.

Eric Schwarzenbach - Beckett (eric387387).

Matt Schultze - TB.  Many trades, Ranger fan.

Ryan Schultz - SCForum. x2

Glen Shankle - Beckett (gshankle).

Stoney Shoemaker - The Bench (ssdawg77), Topps insert collector. x2

Kirby Shofner - SCFun, Cardinals.

Gary Sitze - - Sends very mint cards.  x2

Ty Slocumb - Beckett (ty_slocumb), Braves.

Al Smith - TB.

Bill Smith - The Bench (cardinals-colle).

Daniel Smith - SCFun (nollipap), cards were just ok.

Eric Smith - The Bench (pittsburghfan35), Pirates.

Tina Smith - Beckett (duck6700j).

Phillip Spears - Beckett (pyr0punk).

Clinton Spencer - Beckett (cspen).

Spiegel83 - SCFun, set collector.

Josh Spraggins - Beckett (juniors).

Matt Stevens - Beckett (stevens11).

Pete St Jean - Beckett (petesahuttt), sent me cards I needed with nothing in return.

Bob Stone - SCFun, set collector.

Steven Strobach - Beckett (908), Pujols.

Sylvia Styker - Trading Bases, most cards were good, easy to work with. x3

Kirk Sullenberger - Beckett (kirkjs).

Gordy Swiggum - Set builder.

Stephanie Szmurio - Beckett (ses3225).

Walter Szoboszlai - The Bench (DJ_2).

Mark Szumowski - Trading Bases, set builder.

Kyle Thornton - The Bench (ArodYanksFan), set builder.

Jeff Thorpe - Beckett (bonds20001), Giants.  x4

Craig Timbes - SCFun (bowhunter3070).

Curtis T. Trevathan - Trading Bases, collects sets.  (deceased)

Travis True - The Bench (travistrue), Royals in Topeka.

Andrew Vagts - The Bench (youseekyoda421).

Thomas Vandegrift - The Bench (tvand_99).

James Van Kempen - Beckett (jvk).

Ryan Van Ornum - Beckett (ryanvanornum).

Damian Varga - TB.  x2

Brian Walker - Trading Bases, sets, Reds.  x2

Richard Wall - The Bench (Dilferules), bad card in second trade.  x2

Tom Waller - The Bench.

Jeff Warrington - The Bench (jaydub). x2

Richard Weill -Beckett (rmweill), Miguel Cabrera.

J L Whitley - Beckett (cardboarcollector).

Stephen Wiblemo - The Bench (swib25), Twins.

Jaime Wilker - Beckett (thebabe03).

Michael Willency - Beckett (yankee98), Yankees.

Brent Williams - The Bench (whoosh).

Chris Williams - SCFun, set collector.

Justin Whittenburg - Beckett (those2clowns).

Nat Wolff - Beckett (nwolff).

Quincy Wong - TB, insert sets.

Daryl Yoshimura - Beckett (dyosh13), Jeter.

Mediocre Traders -

Gary Mandell - Trading Bases, quite a few bad cards, I will not trade.

Robbie Kowal - Set builder on The Bench (cardcollector01).  Great cards in the first trade.  Imaturity ended the second.

Bob Pinette - The Bench,  1st was good, second cards were suspect.

Erik Blomain - Trading Bases.  I can't say he's a bad trader when a trade wasn't made, but he seems to blow people off regularly after beginning trades.  Just be careful when dealing with him, although he may be a decent trader for some.

Sirthomas - The Bench.  Worked a trade for several week before he stopped responding.  Makes Philadelphia proud.

Matthew Page - SCFun, dropped a trade after asking me to do quite a bit of searching.  His reasoning made no sense.  I had over 100 cards for him and he was having trouble hitting my needs.  I gave him four other sites to hit and he responded that he'd pass.

[email protected] - This guy started a trade with me before disappearing for several months.  He returned only to disappear again.  I'm done wasting my time.

John Lamica - Beckett (john lamica), nice guy, but 4 of 5 cards were bad.

Richard Albers - Beckett (richard albers), cards listed as NM-mnt should not have creases and checklist should not be marked.  Two ok trades.

Bad Traders - - Nicc S 3115 Courthouse Drive #2B, North Lafayette, Indiana 47906  - Made a trade with him on SportsCardForum.  First he sends me cards with bent corners and creases.  They were crap.  Then he claims he didn't receive them when I sent them back.  Now he wants more.  STAY AWAY.

Bearpup - SCForum.  I guess he wants something for nothing.  Wasted time on a trade and then he decides he won't trade anything that I needed and became very rude.  I won't deal with him again.

tomz1 ([email protected]) - Talk about a selfish guy.  He needed a card from me, but had nothing that I needed.  I agreed to take a small Astros Topps gold lot from him to get him the card even though I usually don't collect inserts.  He replied that he'd only give up 8 of 13 of the Astros due to BV.  Again trying to make everyone happy, I offered 5 random golds to even up the deal.  His response, "I don't need those."  I continued for some reason and eventually HE stopped comunicating without explanation.  What a guy.  He got moved down to the bad traders after offering another deal.  I bit and again he wouldn't send extra Astros gold for some other gold.  After agreeing to the deal, I had two random traders offer me advice on traders on SCFun.  Both stated to avoid this guy.  It was too late.  The kicker is he was supposed to send $15 worth of the golds, he sent $14 with duplicates!  I said nothing, feeling that I should have known better.  He again proposed another deal for more Astros golds and I expressed my disdain.  All he could say was that he was a "HOF" trader and everyone else was happy.  x1

Trish - SCFun (trishlp-the bench) - Another "HOF'er" that is a piece of crap.  After a couple of counter-proposals, she blocked me for asking for two base cards to finish a deal with inserts and rc's.  I don't have time for these idiots.

mrbill3 - Beckett, wasted a lot of time on this dense one.  He continuously made no sense, but I kept trying.  My fault.

Alan Vickroy - Beckett (avickroy) - I sent him perfectly good cards in top loaders.  He receives and conplains about creases that were there before shipping.  Then he sends my card after that (I told him to just send the other back because I know they were good) and he sends me a "NM-mnt" '77 Topps Ryan with two frayed corners and a creased corner.

Shaunbaus - Beckett, he is a real heal, all about himself and no courtesy to others.

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